This function reads all csv files inside the provided path and returns a data.frame with the simulation runs, consolidated. You should provide a path containing only csv files generated by Arena, with the same number of replications. I Suggest you to name your csv files after your scenarios.

get_simulation_results(source, source_type = "path")



The path where csv files is stored, or a list coming from shiny. If you do not provide a value, I'll assume they're on your current working directory.


String that describes where the data is coming from. "path" stands for a path that contains all csv files. "shinyInput" stands for the list object returned by fileInput in the ShinyApp.


a tidy dataframe with simulation results.


# Define de path where your csv files are: path <- system.file("extdata", package = "arena2r") simulation_results = get_simulation_results(path) head(simulation_results)
#> Scenario Statistic Replication Value #> 1 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 1 233 #> 2 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 2 247 #> 3 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 3 239 #> 4 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 4 261 #> 5 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 5 264 #> 6 SCENARIO1 Entity 1.NumberIn 6 266